Safety flooring is a type of general use flooring that is most commonly used in industrial, commercial, military, education, and healthcare environments. The wide range of safety flooring products available is manufactured to create slip-resistant floors in areas that are often wet. This specialised flooring is useful when placed in shower rooms, toilets, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Safety flooring is often erroneously referred to as “non-slip flooring,” however, there are a few differences that set these flooring types apart. Safety flooring is manufactured to reduce risk and allow for easy and safe movement in any area that could be potentially affected by the spillage of any contaminant. These types of floors are generally used in high traffic environments. The specialised materials in this type of flooring, incorporate aggregates during the production process, which serve to reduce the direct impact the contaminants have on the floor.

Slip Resistant Safety Flooring Products

Our safety flooring products are designed to increase slip-resistance. These floors are designed to reduce the risk of slipping even under the direct influence of water, detergents, or even grease. If that weren’t enough, safety floors are easier to clean, so your business can remain hygienic and tidy under any circumstance.

We take the safety of our customers very seriously. If you work in an environment that could potentially be exposed to detergents, grease, oils, or water, just walking around the area can be hazardous. Our specialist solutions will greatly reduce the risk of you or your employees slipping, even under the toughest of conditions. Safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance, and our safety floors are specially designed to handle all types of situations to minimise risk and increase productivity.

Different Safety Flooring Options

Our expertly designed safety floor options have been engineers to provide for very specific flooring demands as efficiently as possible, without eating up your budget. Our manufacturers take pride in creating floors that are practical, functional, safe, and clean and are also available in a variety of styles and colour schemes.

Additionally, many of the safety flooring varieties are available in bulk, which allows us to supply a premium product at a price that is suitable for all budgets.

Most safety floors are laid directly on a flat floor. However, our varieties of safety flooring can also be installed with welded skirting or integral coved. These additional options offer optimised performance that works in tandem with a separate PVC type set-in or sit-on skirting method. These special options are also available in numerous complementary colours that will serve to complete a room and offer the best finish available on the market.


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